AVI [D] Frames
Correct number of AVI frames, frame rate, and duration. Different than the number of embedded MPEG frames, unless [D] Frames, which don't exist in the MPEG stream, are counted.


Correct number and types of actual MPEG frames (contradicting the AVI frame count of the main dialog). The time displayed is based on the MPEG frames and is incorrect.


MPEG4Modifier: Correct number and types of actual MPEG frames, contradicting the AVI container (much like GSpot's VGS). Also multiples out to the incorrect duration, based on the specified MPEG and/or AVI framerate of 30 FPS.


MPEG4Modifier's "Write Frame List" contradicts its dialog above as to total number of frames, showing the number of AVI frames instead (3132 vs 2610). Furthermore, the frame types (and all the timestamps) are incorrect.


Correct information, based on the number of AVI frames. No indication or information about [D] frames is given, however.


One of the [D] frames displayed, correctly. But it's really a "duplicated" frame, not a "dropped" frame as they've named it.


AVI "RIFF" chunk layout. The [D] frames in question have zero length (no content).

The test file: GoDaddycom_ex.avi (8.67 MB)