super-quick start

0. My video doesn't play - how do I use GSpot?

1) Download the latest GSpot zip file, and extract the four files inside of it. If you don't know what a "zip file" is, ask a friend.

2) There is no "install". Simply double click on "gspot.exe" (one of the four extracted files) to run GSpot

3) Use the "File > Open" menu item (or just drag and drop) the unplayable file so that GSpot will be able to examine it.

4) If you see a message like the one at the right, you need to install a "codec" so that Windows Media Player can understand the file and play it. Codec downloads are not available at this site, but a simple Google search (e.g. "mjpg codec" or "Motion JPEG codec" for the example at right) should do the trick.

5) Download the appropriate codec and run its "install" or otherwise follow the instructions provided.

6) This will "upgrade" your system so that Windows Media Player (and/or other players you may have) will now play the file correctly.



Other notes

1) Audio problems: Examine GSpot's "Audio" section & perform the same procedure above - you may have the proper "video codec" but need to download and install an appropriate "audio codec".

2) Unusual file formats or corrupt files: Also pay attention to any understandable information in the "Container" section as well. This box may  include messages about unusual file formats or may inform you that your file is corrupt in some way.



Alternative Media Players

Another solution is to download a media player like VLC or MPlayer, which don't use "codecs" at all in the conventional sense; they are all "built in". MPlayer is a bit more technical, but VLC is quite easy to install and use. Simply download and install the one of the alternative players and use that to watch your file. Note that, unlike codec downloads, these will NOT help you solve Windows Media Player (or other media player) problems; they simply represent a completely alternative way to watch your movie file. This may sometimes represent the simplest solution for complex ituations.



Additional Help

There is no additional help built into the GSpot app or available on this website at this time, although such help is "in the works". If you need additional help about GSpot itself, please try a quick Google search, as many sites discuss the app as well as solving related multimedia viewing problems.